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[update] play us home, keyboard cat

In the space of five days, we have raised $5089.13 of the $7,000 needed to save Dave's house & land from foreclosure. ($1874.13 in Paypal donations; $200 promised from local donors before Saturday; $3015 in auction bids.)

Breathe that in for a second, y'all. In five days, you raised five grand and a bit. Nearly seventy-three percent. Nearly three-quarters of the way home.

Below I'm putting a repostable text box (thanks to doctoreon forever for that code) with the basic Dave links: the original story, the types of items y'all have so graciously offered, and a request for others to repost and promote the auction over the next seven days, so that when we see him Friday we can tell him we've got some of it in the bank, and the rest coming, so he can just rest easy. (And so we can take pictures when everyone cries.)

If you feel like reposting this, do. If you have a second to update the Dave links that are still showing up on your LJ front page, redirect people here if you can. Friends of Awesome Tish Owen, GBMOJO, and Katie of The Legendary are pointing their mailing lists this way this week. If you've got an amenable comm to post this info to, or even want to point people in a themed comm to a specific auction, such as the memorabilia, yarn & stitch markers, wool fabric...every little bit helps.

Also, if you haven't promoted your auction in your journal or on your other webspace, take a minute to do that if you haven't. You may be surprised. The code is designed to be repostable in any HTML editor; links do not use LJ formatting, so feel free to hit Facebook et al.

Thank you so much for all that you've already done. I've got faith for a strong finish.

Tags: halfway home, halfway home and then some, saving dave, update, y'all are awesome, y'all are superheroes

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