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Tried and True Recipe book

As many of my friends can attest, I am a fantastic cook. I collect cookbooks like an 8 year old boy collects Pokeman. My dad owned a seafood restarant, my mom is the oldest of 7 farm kids, and my ethnic background is half german-english mutt and half Armenian, so I come by the cooking gene honestly.

You are bidding on a collection of my favorite never-fail, mouthwatering and amazing recipes. This recipe book will be tailored to YOUR needs, so if you're allergic to nuts and hate fish, I won't put any of those recipes in. If you love candy of all shapes, sizes, colors and flavors, I've got enough candy recipes to fill, well, my pantry.

Some recipes that may be included: spinach and feta boreg (flaky pastry things with a really yummy filler), my mom's famous Kitchen Sink Chili, my top secret chocolate chip cookies, paklava, my mom's spaetzel, dad's phyllo crab cups, my waffle recipe, pork chops with pear reduction sauce, mom's Parmesan artichoke dip, my brother's chicken scalopini, my hard-crack Christmas candy recipe, and so so so many more.

This is a piece of my family to take into your family, to help Dave's family. Please consider bidding. Your stomach will thank you.

You will receive a beautifully decorated binder with all the recipes in plastic sleeves, as well as an electronic version of all recipes contained within. Some will even have step-by-step pictures! I will also probably include some goodies (pumpkin scones, anyone?) so that you can get started enjoying right away.

Bidding starts at $10.

Please bid as a reply to the last made bid.

Auction will run until 10.31.09 at 11:59 CST.

The bids are up to $60 on this fabulous collection. If it gets over $100, I will collect recipes from my friends (most of whom are almost as good in the kitchen as I am).

Not only will you get my recipes and recipes of my friends and maybe-probably pumpkin scones, I will throw in a couple dozen bacon chocolate chip cookies. They are sweet and smokey and smooth and just a little bit salty. In short, they are an edible slice of heaven.

If you can't eat bacon, I'd be happy to whip up some of my orange sugar cookies instead. Or if you'd rather have orange sugar cookies instead of bacon chocolate chip, that is ok with me too. More for me, see...

Go! Bid!
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