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save_dave's Journal

Save Dave's House
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Saving Dave's House & Land
Hello there!

save_dave is an LJ auction to help save our friend Dave's house and land from foreclosure. Here's the story.

To post an auction, please put up your item & a starting bid. If you post multiple images, use a cut after the first. Please ask everyone to bid in a single thread at the bottom of your post. Bid periods should not last longer than thirty days.

To bid in auctions, please post your bid as a reply to the last bidder. You are encouraged not to bid by e-mail reply, to avoid confusion and multiple bids. If multiple bid threads arise, the moderators may ask parties to re-bid in the appropriate thread.

If you've never done an LJ auction before, you are encouraged to review the archives at con_or_bust or saveours00j to see how they are structured.

Payment for auctions, or donations in general, go to sabrina.k.swafford in the vicinity of gmail.com via Paypal. A mailing address is available by contacting popelizbet.

Any questions can be referred to popelizbet or hnmic. Thank you for all you do.
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